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Looking Up.jpg

Katie Bonham | writer/director

'Never one to pander to her audience, Bonham’s storytelling technique takes audiences on a ride that celebrates everything right about independent filmmaking.' Scream Magazine - Jon Dickinson

'Bonham’s strengths is her ability to accurately convey current social issues realistically within a horror setting.' The Slaughtered Bird - Chris Barnes

'...resourceful and effective independent filmmaking at its best.' Love Horror, Hayley Roberts

'Bewitching.' Starburst Magazine, Ian Wright

'…a lush set looking like a rural apothecary shop fit for Guillermo del Toro should he ever take a visit to the UK.' Bloody Disgusting - Jonny Bunning

'This is not cheap-and-nasty schlock, this is horror for the mind and soul'.  Movie Ramblings - Simon Fitzjohn

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